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A long time ago, before cocktails and skateboards and John Travolta, we had a king named, with uncompromising bluntness, Cunt. His son, though, was a more ambiguous figure. Historians are divided over whether he was only half a cunt, or hardly a cunt at all.

Wankers who send me spam from people who are dead can FUCK RIGHT OFF.

What do you call a Welsh diver?

Danny Dwr.

WHO put the preset inputs down one side of the 4569 the other way round from those down the other side? You confusing fucking cunt. And I didn't even bloody notice until I'd wired it up with both the same way round and it gave the wrong answer. Fucksake.

The Goose Step: What the fuck is it with fascist nations and similar cunts that they always insist on marching in this ridiculous manner? Do they really not realise what a bunch of fucking clowns it makes them look?

Reminder that Tory support did NOT massively increase in the 2019 election, 80 seat majority be blowed. In reality the level of support for the Tories was exactly (ie. within 1%) the fucking same as the previous election. The same fucking number of people bothered to vote at all, and the same fucking number of those people voted for the Tories. The only reason they went from barely able to function to having an 80 seat majority is that the British electoral system is a giant fucking pile of shite which totally fails at being anywhere near representative. And the establishment as a whole is fucking bent which is why there was no mention at all of this fact at the time and certainly fuck all awareness of it now.

Gulls are birds, as a rule; C-gulls are birds, and E-gulls are also birds. But B-gulls are dogs. This is very strange.

03333 050466 again: There are now more references to this number showing up than there were a few days ago. ALL of them are people wondering whether it's a scam or not. So the fuckers are obviously persistent. Some of them are people claiming it's actually something genuine from the NHS. Yeah, right. So how come the search engines don't find ANY results on the NHS official website. How come NONE of these suckers who think it's real can provide any convincing evidence, ie. a link to a page on nhs.gov.uk that says it's real. How come some of them are saying it told them they were going to get a government food parcel which never turned up. How come it was a doctor's website (even if it was fucked) that was the only thing I could find about it originally and that said it was a scam and they ought to fucking know. And how come it's from one of these stupid fucking numbers that you can't look up except on sites for scam numbers because no fucker uses them if they aren't running a fucking scam and trying to hide who they really are. Of course it's a fucking scam. "Government food parcel", for fuck's sake, no bleeding wonder it never turned up, who the fuck believes THIS government would be doing that, this is the government that wanted to just take no fucking notice and do nothing and let everyone die, and the only reason they are doing anything is that one of them was actually fucking stupid enough to tell the newspapers they were just going to let everyone die and left them having to frantically try and convince everyone he didn't mean it before we strung all the cunts up from lamp posts.

Fucking Imperial shite - What the fuck is this shit with steel stock sizes? I'm looking for metric tube and almost all I can find is tube with the dimensions quoted in millimetres but they are just converted to millimetres from the same old range of piss fucking awkward silly Imperial sizes. Which don't fit ANYTHING except other bits of tube because everything that isn't tube is proper metric these days. So why the fuck hasn't steel stock gone proper metric years ago like every other fucking thing did?

"POS Male Series Rod End Bearings ( M3 - M30 Right Hand Thread )", says the heading of the ebay listing. Yeah, right, but I don't want POS ones, I want good ones...

03333 050466 SCAM Some bunch of cunts on this number are running a scam to do with coronavirus. For some reason the only reference I can find to this on Google is a headline which is supposed to show up on a doctor's website but the website is fucked so although the comment is present in the page source it doesn't actually appear on the fucking screen. Anyway they are saying 03333 050466 is a SCAM and if they call you don't give any personal details. So this is an additional comment from me that does appear on the fucking screen and I am saying that 03333 040566 is a CORONAVIRUS SCAM and if they call you tell them to go and fuck themselves.

Amusing OCR Errors Not Caught By Spellcheck: "Hitler" rendered as "Hider". Well, it's accurate; he did. He hid in a hole in the ground and shot himself, and there was much rejoicing.

"...and officers adopting a relaxed attitude to discipline. Several men had even been shot for refusing to follow orders." When the officers were not relaxed, men who refused to follow orders could expect to be disembowelled and hung on the wire, or staked out to be eaten by rats.

Is it really too much to expect people to read over what they've just written at least well enough to catch the really mindbuggeringly obvious pieces of stupidity?

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norman Juster. WHY THE FUCK is it that, having never even thought about it since I was a kid, in the last couple of months or so I seem to have encountered yet another bugger waffling on about how great it was nearly every other day? It's like some cunt has been noting down all the websites I visit and then going back in time five or ten years or whatever and making sure the authors blurge crap about The Phantom Tollbooth on the pages I'm going to visit.

Well they can all fuck off because THEY ARE ALL WRONG ANYWAY. It wasn't "great" or "wonderful" or any of those things; as for "magical" I suppose it was in a sense, but there are a lot of possible senses and it's not necessarily a complimentary description. In any case, such lyricism is wasted on it when a more suitable phrase of short and earthy nature better serves the cause of accuracy: The Phantom Tollbooth is a pile of shite. It's full of shit puns and stupid deliberately contrary situations and it can fuck right off with the relentless fucking preaching and how-to-be-a-good-little-boy fucking bollocks which is somewhat less subtle than a brick and I can't imagine how any kid could possibly read it and not get pissed off unless they were a stuck up little prig. I can't remember who gave me my copy, but I can remember the experience of reading it: it was like really fucking obvious that they'd chosen it as a vehicle to nag at me at second hand under the guise of giving me a present, and the passage of time has increased my vocabulary such that I now have the words to express what I then felt, ie. "yeah, and you can get fucked too", not just the once but repeated every couple of pages or so every time there's another shit preachy bit.

Ebay people: DON'T just put the manufacturer's model number in your listing and tell people (or imply) that they can google it if they want more information. Because from that moment onwards absolutely the only fucking thing any cunt searching for that number will now ever find until the heat death of the universe is endless copies of your fucking listing on all the different ebay national sites, and on all the stupid sites that copy ebay, and then later on all the really shit sites that copy out of date ebay listings off the stupid ebay-copying sites, and so on and so on in endless duplication and basically what you have just done is made it impossible for any cunt ever to know any fucking thing at all about that item except that once upon a time someone sold one on ebay, whoop de bloody do. You tit.

Lacrosse is not a game. It's a military training exercise from the First World War. The corps lacroissiers were developed in response to the French army's persistent difficulties in getting a good supply of reliable grenades: the idea was that instead of arming the soldiers with their own grenades, they could simply be trained to catch grenades thrown by the enemy and sling them back where they came from, using scoop-nets attached to their rifles like bayonets. It was about as successful as many brilliant military ideas of WW1.

CUNTLESS CATTLE: a reimagining of the principle of the removable control panel for car stereos by dairy farmers at risk from cattle thieves. A release mechanism operated by twisting the horns in opposite directions unlatches the cunt, allowing it to be removed when not in use and stored in a cave or shed. DNA coding ensures that the cunts only work with the cow they were born with. In the cuntless state, the cattle cannot be bred and thus their milk production cycle cannot be restarted, rendering them unattractive targets for theft by other dairy farmers.

IDEA: convert some Chinese frying pans into guitars and start a wok band.

KHYPERMEDIA CDRs SUCK. I have just finished copying all my CDs onto the PC, and they all worked fine - EXCEPT THESE FUCKING THINGS.

Shit KHypermedia CDR that doesn't fucking work

I have five of these useless pieces of junk. ALL of them are completely unreadable. cdparanoia retries endlessly without result, and occasionally segfaults. The CD drive throws SCSI errors trying to read them. Etc. Whereas all the other miscellaneous CDRs I have were all readable without problems.

So fuck KHypermedia CDRs, they are SHIT.

So, Google doesn't seem to know that that Fleetwood Mac album is called KANGO IN THE NIGHT.

Ode to the Rocking Horse Commode (with thanks to @marnanel for the inspiration)

I bet they don't make rocking horse commodes,
Although they might be a tremendous boon
To one who has a need to dump their load
On shipboard, where there is no "smallest room".
The vessel, as it rocks upon the waves,
Is certain to upset a normal po,
And most are not so agile, nor so brave,
To balance on the gunwale when they go:
To clutch the shrouds, precariously half-nude,
And wonder how it ever came to this,
Straining to finish ere some billow lewd
Should favour one with great Poseidon's kiss.
So let me perch on rockers, give to me
That inverse-pendulum stability.

Amesbury poisoning incident: This is a screenshot of the tweet from @SwindonFireRDS with the photo of a support truck attending the poisoning of Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley. I am reposting it here because the original tweet has been deleted to support the moronic attempt to deceive the public into believing this was a nerve agent attack. I'm amazed that people are stupid enough to believe that, but then I'm always amazed how stupid the things people believe are, and the government are undoubtedly counting on that. It was flaming bloody obvious from the first official reports on the Skripal incident that it was fuck all to do with the Russian government, after all; no need to have been "influenced by Russian propaganda", the conclusion follows inevitably from reading only the British propaganda and observing what a fatuous load of obvious bollocks it is.

Screenshot of the tweet from @SwindonFireRDS with the photo of a support truck attending the poisoning of Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley

The tweet text is: 77 mile round trip for our Operational Support Unit last night to Amesbury. Thankfully the incident wasn't serious and our decontamination shower wasn't required.

The text accompanying the photo itself is: Incident at Amesbury's Archers Gate - 8.56pm 30th June 2018 - Updated 9.48am (I think) 1st July 2018

An incident in the Kings Gate area of Amesbury on Saturday evening (June 30th) is thought to have been a drug-related medical episode.

More than 10 emergency vehicles arrived on the scene from police, ambulance and fire service.

A number of roads around the estate were closed for a time, but re-opened within a couple of hours.

[Small photo of housing estate with barrier of police tape] [Large photo of what appears to be a 26t 6x2 curtain-side lorry with a forklift on the back although cropped so you can't actually see the forklift itself, in red with signwriting "Fire & Rescue Service" "Operational Support"]

7:48 AM - 1 Jul 2018

I thought this classic Viz postcard could do with being a bit easier to find:

My cock stinks... at Whitley Bay

Stupid House Shit from an advert in the local paper which I happened to see just before I wiped my arse on it... Some tit is selling a house for 250k-odd and describing it as "an investment" because you can rent it out for what comes to about 5k a year after tax. This is supposed to be bloody great, for some reason.

FUCKSAKE. 5k is 1/50th of 250k. You CAN'T FUCKING DO THIS unless you've already had 5k a year that you don't know what to do with for 50 fucking years so you've been able to accumulate 250k in the first place. And if you do happen to have 250k just lying around, unless you expect to live for more than 50 years then it's more than 5k a year just spending it. So basically it works out that either you spend most of your life trying to pile up 250k and pissing it all up the wall just before you die, or having 250k already and throwing it in a hole and taking a bit back each year so there's still a lot left when you die and that lot is wasted, or somewhere in between the two. Either way it's a fucking stupid way of wasting all or most of 250k just so you can feel like a property magnate or whatever moronic attraction it is that this idiotic behaviour has for people.

And all these fucking "investment" things are like this, whether they're about houses or not. You need a metric shitload of money that takes most of your life to accumulate before you can even start, and you get a comparative dribble back so that you're bound to be dead before it amounts to more than a fraction of what you wasted on it in the first place, so there is just no fucking point doing it at all. What the fuck is it with people? Do they actually genuinely not understand that they are going to die and therefore simply don't realise they're never going to get back most of what they put in, or is it just that having fuckloads of times more money than you know what to do with causes your brain to degenerate so you do really stupid things with it? And if it's the latter why don't they at least find something beneficially stupid to do with it, like going up in a balloon and scattering notes over the town or something? Fucking thick bastard rich cunts or what.

Christians, Muslims, and Jews, we may differ on the details, but we all believe in the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. Therefore we should sort out the mess left by British/French/Ottoman imperialism in peace and unity under the same God. Not fight over it.

Amusing Diesel Memory: a Lister-Petter AD1, driving a generator. "It's getting a bit hot", they said. It was, rather - exhaust glowing red...

Turned out what had happened was some cack had got into the sump, and been drawn into the oil pump. This promptly seized solid and chewed the teeth off its drive gear. The chewed-off teeth then got carried round into the next driven gear round, and smashed that up too. That was the governor drive. So the governor thought the engine wasn't moving, and not only did it wind the fuelling up to maximum, but once the engine had been stopped and started again it never even clicked off the excess-fuel starting setting. And there the thing was going like absolute stink, pumping in as much fuel as it possibly could, and with no forced lubrication. No idea how fast it was going - when I put a rev counter to it it was off the scale. No wonder it was getting a bit hot.

Amazingly, it needed remarkably little doing to it. Obviously the oil pump and smashed gears needed replacing, and also the governor drive shaft which had got bent, but there was very little on top of that. Just cleaning out all the bits of metal and replacing the shell bearings (and if you were a total fucking cheapskate you might even have got away with reusing them, at least for a little while). Bloody tough things those engines. If only the cowling was as robust as the insides...

STUPID TV SHIT: having the reporters who present the news from Parliament actually physically standing outside the bloody place. Shouting to make themselves heard over the traffic noise and the wind blowing into the microphone, and quite likely in the pissing rain as well. WHAT THE FUCK IS THE FUCKING POINT? Just get the poor sods to say their words inside the studio like the rest of the news presenters do. That way you can hear them properly and it's also a fuck of a lot easier than having the reporter plus camera crew and equipment trog all the way to the HP to make a shitty recording in the rain. And if they must have the HP as a backdrop they can always fucking bluescreen it in for fuck's sake. Like, in fact, they always used to do before they got this fucking stupid idea. Twats.

BURPUT? Where the fuck is Burput? It's Bridport, apparently. It doesn't say this on Google. Well, it will now.

Why So Frail? ...I am referring to people in old books. Victorian books, mostly, although twentieth-century books also feature instances of the phenomenon, with decreasing frequency as date of authorship advances.

Someone goes outside, with some compelling reason to remain outdoors for some time, and it's mucky weather, so they get cold and wet. It's not very pleasant, but these things happen. Then they finish whatever they were doing, come back inside again, get warm and dry, and are perfectly all right. That's the normal course of events. Quite simple, perfectly straightforward, nothing at all unexpected there. I've done it myself loads of times.

Except in old books this doesn't happen. What happens instead is they come back inside and catch a chill. What the fuck is a chill? Some malady that strikes several hours after an experience of being cold and wet, apparently. Except this doesn't fucking happen. We all know this because we've all got cold and wet and not been struck by a chill afterwards, or any other mysterious weird illness for that matter. We can probably identify the word as something our grans used to warn us would happen if we got cold and wet and we used to laugh at them because we knew perfectly well it never did. (They probably got the idea from reading all those old gran-age books.) And by the same token, we still don't know what a chill actually is because real people never have it.

Of course the reason old books do that is that it's a convenient way of having some character unexpectedly and suddenly put out of action for a few weeks, or indeed quite often permanently (either because they die of it or it sends them loopy). Like "consumption" is another handy way of taking some character out of the story, in cases where the plot requires the event not to be sudden or unexpected. Except that one makes sense, because "consumption" is tuberculosis and in the days before antibiotics and vaccines to treat it people did indeed die of it all the time. It's entirely legitimate to have as many of your characters die of tuberculosis as you want, including whole families getting wiped out by it one by one, because that sort of thing happened all the time in real life so it's no strain on the imagination when you have it happening in fiction as well.

But this chill thing, that knocks you right down - and often fatally - some hours after you've finished with getting cold and wet, what the fuck is the real life justification for having that happen all the fucking time? It's not actual hypothermia, which knocks you down while you still are getting cold and wet (or else right after before you've had time to warm up again); it's something that happens after a lapse of several hours so you've warmed up again long ago. And in any case they seem to know fine about hypothermia and generally describe it pretty accurately. Nor can it be just a snooty-arsed Victorian word for a "cold" because the symptoms don't match. Having a temperature and feeling exhausted/dizzy so you go to bed, those happen; snot, sneezes, coughs, dribbling noses and the like do not.

Of course "cold" is also a fucking stupid name for that entirely real disease for much the same reasons: it's got fuck all to do with low temperatures. There's nothing cold about having a cold. And you don't fucking catch it from being cold either. You catch it from other people who already have colds and do not have the decency to keep their snot-spraying infectious bodies in isolation until it wears off, but instead insist on coming into work anyway to sit blearily around doing nothing effective apart from aerosolising their viruses for every other cunt to inhale and come down with the same fucking thing. You catch it from contact with the live virus, not from the fucking weather. If anything cold weather helps you not catch it, because the virus doesn't survive that long outside the human body in any case and coldness helps kill it off all the faster. You just have to avoid the temptation to escape the cold weather by spending more time shut in a box with germy fuckers.

Possibly the most pointless thing I have ever constructed...

Solar cell driving an LED (click for large version)

MORE STUPID BOLLOCKS from the "Leave EU" cunts... This stupid headline: "£150 million is now being dished out from the healthcare budget in foreign aid."

That figure refers to the 2016/2017 contribution from the Department of Health to the ODA (Official Development Assistance) international development fund. The budget for the NHS for 2016/2017 is 120 Billion pounds. So that 150 million amounts to less than half a day's worth, and is even more trivial than the 350 million they plastered over their stupid bus and then admitted was a lie the morning after the referendum.

It does NOT mean that an extra 150 million is taken from the Department of Health budget. The way it works is that money spent to certain ends under certain conditions (see here) becomes eligible to be counted as ODA expenditure. This means things like the UK's subscription to the World Health organisation (which is fuck all to do with the EU), and expenditure on health care for asylum seekers who have arrived in the UK (asylum seekers are also fuck all to do with the EU).

The ODA contribution in total from all UK sources is 12 billion pounds. This is to meet a UNITED NATIONS commitment to provide 0.7% of GDP as ODA. Again, it's fuck all to do with the EU.

The UK does have something called an "EU attribution" for ODA, amounting to 935 million pounds in 2015 (see here). Again this does NOT mean we spend an extra 935 million on anything. All it means is that 935 million of what we would be spending anyway is allowed to be counted as part of the EU's ODA contribution. We would not be spending any less if we weren't in the EU; we'd still be spending the same, it just wouldn't be allowed to count as part of EU ODA any more.

So what do we end up with in reality? (1) That headline is so misleading and bears such a tenuous relationship to reality that the most concise description of it is "a load of arse". (2) The UK being in the EU makes not one fucking jot of difference to whether we would be spending that money or not, and for the "Leave EU" cunts to cite it as a reason for leaving is fucking bullshit on the standard pattern of lies and deception that the "Leave EU" movement relies on completely.

EVERY SINGLE FUCKING CLAIM made by the "Leave EU" cunts that I have ever investigated is like this. Deliberate misrepresentation, bullshit, and outright fucking lies. EVERY FUCKING ONE. And I am fucking pissed off about my country being wrecked by this bunch of lying shitheaded bastards constantly spouting complete fucking bollocks and deceiving everyone who is too thick to check it or too gullible to think it worth the bother. Has anyone worked out how viable it would be to have the fuckers up for treason? Because as far as I can see that's the best description of fuckers who wreck their own country for some personal gain.

Look, shut up about fucking CO2. CO2 is irrelevant. The whole fucking argument about whether human activity is causing climate change is irrelevant. There are two very good reasons for getting off fossil fuels which are no cause for argument, since they are not based on bent politicised science, but on being bleeding obvious; and they have been bleeding obvious for a very long time, and still applied just as strongly when the climate thing everyone was worried about was the next ice age coming on.

One is: finite supply. The stuff won't last for ever. It won't even come remotely close to lasting as long as we currently want it to. People try and deny this but they are talking shit. Everyone knows that when you've eaten all the sweets there aren't any more. They are also talking hypocritical shit, because they're already getting into scraping the goo out of the bong territory (this is what "unconventional sources", as applied to things like oil shale (which is basically shit coal), is a euphemism for). What they're really on about is that if everyone keeps wanting oil while it becomes harder and harder to get, they stand to make shitloads of money out of it. So they can get fucked.

Humans certainly do have a terrible track record for doing bugger all about obviously impending disasters until the shit has already hit the fan and everyone is fucked. Which is all the more reason for trying to avoid the bleeding obvious disaster of running out of oil without having a system in place to take over from it. Much more sensible to develop replacement energy sources as soon as possible before you're forced to, than hang on to oil like grim death and fight wars over the final drops of it (which is what we're set to do at the moment).

Which brings us to the other reason: to stop fucking up the politics of the Middle East and all the other shit politics that result from people who want oil trying to make sure other people can't stop them getting as much as they want. Again, the desirability of this is bleeding obvious. You have to be a blind clodpoll shit-for-brains to fail to see that. Or else an arms dealer or something who's creaming off it, and they can get fucked too.

Ever wondered what Donald Trump would look like if he was a barbecued chicken with a beer can up his arse?

Barbecued chicken with a beer can up its arse and the face of Donald Trump

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